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there are scenarios that could come into play. >> he said that yes, he had been notified about the charges he has been asked to turn himself in. and he added he has always cooperated with this investigation and says charges are unfounded. >> i believe in this system. i believe that we must allow the system and investigation to proceed according lism the lead these charges are unfounded. and we'll fight charges and i'm confident in the end that
5:01 pm
we'll succeed in showing the missteps. >> and now we're at city hall. the mayor has not issued a statement. i spoke to him earlier. mayor lee can begin proceedings under law. here is what he told me. >> this is a serious matter, there are roles for us to play. >> i am of the opinion that any elected official finds himself in a position involving domestic violence has to remove himself until the matter is cleared up. >> that is willie brown. if mayor lee decides to suspend mirkarimi lee must follow procedures and this is what he has to do.
5:02 pm
he must notify the ethics commission. and that commission has five days to decide to recommend or not recommend removeal recommending a majority. meaning four of the five members of the commission. now, this board has 30 days to respond. nine of the 11 members must vote in favor of removing him. now again we're waiting for the mayor of san francisco to respond to this. i'm told he will issue a statement to the press. >> thank you very much. >> in other news, neighbors say an elderly woman beaten during a home invasion in the sunset district was known to carry large amounts of cash.
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a police task force is searching for lee and a suspect on last night's assault. it left a 76-year-old zbirl a restaurant delivery woman in critical condition. both were beaten with a hammer and stabbed. >> and this victim is a business owner here. we'd hate to think she's targeted but she does have, we believe a pattern that she does every day. >> and this 76-year-old owns several restaurants and a bakery. she's plitly active. and the suspect is described only as a young asian male. >> and craig chandler has been teaching for nine years. abc 7 is live there may be more victims. >> when police first arrested
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him on tuesday, they said there was one victim. now, the deputy district attorney says there may be others. chandler appeared in santa clara court this afternoon. he's accused of sexual assault against a child between august and ofkt last year. and this is not known if a victim was a student. his defense attorney asked the report be sealed. and police worked on this case it appears other suspected victims have surfaced. that was not announced but ñ levied against him were filed in court. deputy district attorney provided confirmation. >> this is a special allegation under penal code section 667.61 alleging multiple victims. >> and are you alleging there are more multiple victims out
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there? >> ways given a number of reports and we're just reviewing those now. i will say he's devastated by allegations and we're going to be defending them. >> craig chandler's arraignment has been rescheduled for 18 days from now. the court issued a order barring conduct between chandler and any victims or families. we're told this is taken in this kind of case. and in union city a high schoolteacher is under arrest, accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. investigate investigators say the teacher was on his way to meet with the girl yesterday when taken into custody. according to the victim the relationship went on for nine
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months. >> a computer virus found at city college in san francisco may have been part of a scheme stealing personal information more than a decade. tens of thousands of people may have been affected. and one former student thinks he may be a victim makes me angry. >> he spoke us to us in a lab that has been shut down thanks to a computer virus that may have been stolen. >> there is information transmitted to russia. and to china. >> because the lab is primarily for international students there was enough data that traffic went unnoticed. possibly as long as a decade. it sent back images of the screen and may have spread to
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other labs or home computer autos we're looking at systems here to make sure there are records of students. >> police say they've had dozens of calls and abc 7 talked to one. >> this is unbelievable. >> there was a slew of charges that until now he never associated with the class taken at city college. >> and i just remembered one charge was russia. >> he. >> i feel like this is gone on so long, what else have they missed?. >> the chancellor says we're about to find out. city college called up the fbi and hires private consultant autos we're going to have to divert funds that we can to make sure students are safe.
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>> and the mayor received public support from public workers today after the city announced playoffs. a construction union held a rally and 1500 city workers have targeted layoff notices. >> yes. i do. i think we have to because no legislation has been introduced yet z basically the court said it never goes away. we're just trying to give them as much notice as possible. >> and there is 200 workers that will be let go. oakland is losing $26 million. campaigns need to gather to,000 signatures each by may 14th. >> the governor is not back tracking from a decision to take funds away from agencies. if it means hundreds of layoffs in his hometown as you
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just saw. the governor says cities have gone away from using funds for their purpose to fight blight. many cities are using money to pay for general services. the governor admitted to the practice when he was mayor of oakland all good things come to an end. we've got to take care of schools. and public safety. the core issues. >> and the loss means oakland may have to cut 200 positions by february 1. deadline given to cities to dissolve their agencies. >> and twitter is banding together to give a technology makeover. the mayor was on hand to announce an agreement with nearly 100 companies. this will recruit experts that will look for problem was the goal of making it more user
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friendly. >> this will allow city of san francisco to have people make apps for citizens to make the community better. >> this focus would be job creation partnering with san francisco to create training programs for residents and students to find employment in technology companies. >> and coming up unusual attack on two young students. >> the another disputes what police say really happened. >> and this is surreal. >> a financial analyst a luck yes guy from san jose. numbers to crunch and millions he just won. >> and winter is coming back to the bay area. i'll let you know where the long dry shall end and rain begins. the
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. a former san francisco school employee accused of three rapes blooded not guilty today. he has been charged with sexual assault, robbery and attempted murder. happening last year in the mission district. police say this is surveillance video of him near a crime scene. and in all three, the suspect attacked a woman from behind and then, robbed and assaulted a victim. he was arrested with help with a tip to police. >> human traffic sgt second fastest growing crime in the world. right behind drug trafficking. alameda count eye district attorney tells me that mostç cases she's prosecuting involve children from 12-17. this sunday we hear from a victim who survived and from an expert. i hope you'll join me sunday
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at sock. >> i a woman faces charges after she allegedly tacked two small children inside of a bookstore. a 46-year-old is accused of assaulting the children inside book buyers yesterday afternoon. first police said she bit the children on the face but now, they say they actually pinched the kids. the mother of the kids, a 2-year-old and 2-month-old disagreed. we spoke to her by phone. >> i believe she bit both of them. base ond what my daughter says. she knows the difference between a pinch and bite. i don't think a pinch could have drawn blood and bruising on the face. >> police arrested her and an hour later after the mother identified her. she is now free on her own recognizance, something the mother says she's not happy about. >> and a couple claimed a
5:14 pm
megamillions jackpot in new york. >> he is a financial analyst with a lot of great numbers to work with now. he and his wife won the largest lottery jackpot in long island history. christine and daniel describe wing the $208 million megamillions jackpot as surreal. >> first few days you don't believe it. then, it settles in and you enjoy it. but just feeling lucky. >> this couple was visiting christine's family in new york for the holidays. dan went to the supermarket and noticed a big jackpot, picking up a ticket. the drawing was held december 27th. >> someone from the store won. dan bought a ticket. i went up and got them. and... he won. >> people who know them are
5:15 pm
happy, too. neighbors say they live in this modest home with their young son. >> this is just excited about them. >> i will give half away. i don't need the money. >> they're pledging to share the good fortune they've decided to take in a lump sum payment, $101 kblinl after tax autos we hope we can find good charities to benefit where we can do a lot of good with the money. >> steve rodriguez knows his neighbors may not be for long. >> they've been fixing up the house. maybe they'll stay here but it will change their live autos his work will come in handy. >> trying to be true to who you are. hopefully, you can stay the people you were before throughout prot session.
5:16 pm
>> and this ticket was a quick pick and they were lucky. odds of winning a megamillions jackpot are one in 176 million n san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you and someone has to win. right? they aren't the only local folks celebrating a victory tonight. a man identified as jason a claimed a winning megamillions ticket. jason bought a ticket in a lucky store that paid $190,000. he took four out of five numbers correctly. only missing the meganumber. and sandhya patel is here now. >> by the middle to latter part of the week you're going say we've would be the -- won the jackpot -- with rain. now, it looks promising. there is weather continue tg towards next week. there is a live picture with
5:17 pm
lake tahoe. they're expecting snow into the high country around wednesday there is a chance of rain so they need it up there. and here is a view from our south beach camera. look how beautiful it is. official time 5:12 p.m. today's high temperatures ranging from 62 in antioch to 74 degrees in jant cruz. some areas, 77 today. this is a spring like day. 6 in oakland. and other areas into upper 50s to low 60s, chilly tonight, sharply cooler sunday and a potentially wet pattern is set up for next week. and i want to show you
5:18 pm
overnight readings. there are clear skies 2 in santa rosa and fairfield. lower 30s for concord and livermore. 37 in san swros yeah. and there is mayor the air for tomorrow, poor air quality into the north bai. moderate for the rest of the bay area. and here is what it's going to look like. this area of high pressure will give it mild weather one more day. there are sharply cooler sunday. this cold front drops and jet stream starts to sink a little bit. there is a cooler air mass. wind going to switch directions and we're going see more cloud cover. the ridge weakens and a coal front comes in. you can see clouds and there is a breeze but a cold, dry front. we're not expecting rain here in the bay area. and this is going to clip the
5:19 pm
far northern end of california sunday. so there is a dry weekend. wind picks up and this is for sunday, gusts 55 miles per hour. low humidity if you're heading to the sierra nevada. partly cloudy skies this weekend and gusty winds sunday. there are 62, mid-60s and 63 in half moon bay. around the monterey bay, 68 in watsonville. near 70 degrees for hollister. here is a look at game-time forecast if you're going to the niners game. 1:30 candle stick park, sunshine. temperatures from low 60s to upper 50s and just a beautiful day. it cools off for your sunday and this is low to mid-50s and
5:20 pm
chance of rain on wednesday, rain becoming likely thursday and friday. and this is just a chance. >> i'm excited to reveal a change. >> it's the most we've had. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and pro testors who used very little clothing to make their point today. >> and how 49er fans are gearing up for a big game tomorrow z a surprise one saints fan received walking the streets of san francisco. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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since time began. not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies... ♪ a nicely designed package. ♪ you can have brownies again. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. caramel...pretzel 90 calorie bar. ♪
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cvs care mark agreed to settle charges over the price of medicare drug plans agreeing to pay $5 blinl to settle this case which has been under investigation more than two years. ftc says the company misrepresented the price of certain prescription drugs in a drug plan this, caused many to pay significantly higher prices than advertised. >> and protestors in sacramento stripped down to speak out against using animals for clothing. two women wearing little more than pink under wear caught peoples attention near the state capitol today. and they were peta. the activists waved into traffic and carried a sign pro claiming bare skin don't wear skin. >> volunteers are bearing skin in hopes to save animal skin.
5:25 pm
so there is a not supporting animal cruelty with clothing choice autos this urges consumers to wear something called pleather and cotton products. >> and a star comes to town to help kick off the lunar new year celebrations. i'm right hee
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and keeps ca
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coming up at kf we'll bring you up to date on the sheriff mirkarimi domestic violence charges and a big decision from governor brown. find out if he's good to go with high speed rail. and a neighborhood littered with other peoples' trash. see what we've got done and
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making things smaller. break through local researchers hope will trance form our digital world. it's coming up at 6:00. >> and we'll see you in a few minutes. a marshal arts team gave a special performance in san francisco today showing off in front of students at star king elementary. on the current squad is shen wong playing the bully in the remake of the karate kid. >> and this is so elephant and beautiful coming through many different aspects. there is aerial movements and coordination. >> and swords. the team is kicking off a tour of the u.s., china pushing to

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